Things to Do in Boston during February school vacation week 2017
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Dec 3rd, 2015
Paraphrasing a famous Tolstoy quote, all happy families are rich in traditions.  Here in Boston, with the abundance of natural and cultural...
Visiting Greenvale Vineyards in Newport, Rhode Island
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Nov 1st, 2015
This year we have added a vinery visit to our Fall New England Weekend List.  Fall harvest is a wonderful time to visit...
Family Sail in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Sep 13th, 2015
Those of you who know me personally or have been following our celebrations on this blog should be well aware of my birthday  “obsession”.   I just have...
Things to Do in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts in the summer
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Aug 3rd, 2015
The Berkshires  region in Western Massachusetts offers access to world class cultural attractions set amidst the gorgeous natural surroundings. My favorite time...
Review of Seven Hills Inn in Lenox, MA
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Jul 29th, 2015
As my loyal  blog followers know, I am in love with the Berkshires region in Western Massachusetts. But until my recent visit earlier in July, I...
A day trip to the Berkshires, MA for 30 friends and family
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Jun 28th, 2015
June is a big birthday month in my family as both my mom and my daughter celebrate their days (You can read...
Where to take the kids on their birthday in Boston
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Jun 11th, 2015
Out of all the many celebrations I invite you to follow me on, my kids’ birthdays are my favorite occasions to CELEBRATE....
Things to Do in Boston this weekend
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
May 29th, 2015
Music, Boats, Nature Walks and Theater- in any order. This time of year is so deceptive here in Boston for families with...
Things to do in Boston during Memorial Day Weekend 2015
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
May 21st, 2015
To honor this weekend’s special meaning, take your family to see the flags planted on Boston Common to commemorate the fallen US...
Enjoying afternoon tea at Taj Boston to celebrate International Women's Day
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
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Mar 8th, 2015
You may know by now, that my goal is  to inspire you to celebrate every weekend (and beyond).  So there was no way we could...