A Month of Celebrations. Arts and Sports Showcases (by your own kids).

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Jul 4th, 2014
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If you are a parent of school age kids with extracurricular music-dance-gymnastics-theater activities, the month of June is filled with never ending array of kiddie rehearsals and showcases – while the parents can’t wait to get to the beach or to a music festival or two.  Armed with a proper attitude, however, we could turn an exhausting parental obligation into a month-long family celebration of art, sport, dance- what have you (or your offspring) – that could be thoroughly enjoyed by the entire family (not to mention filling a couple of photo albums) !

So here is a photo account of our family celebrations this past June.

It all started with Vi’s incredibly cute “around the world” themed preschool graduation from the Little Sprouts Academy.


Chinese Dance by little world travellers

Polka Dancers

Polka Dancers


Next was  music show case for Den.  National Song by Grieg and Dargomyzhsky’s  Melancholic Waltz did not come easy but all the hard work made the parents and the grandparents so much more proud.  I want to think that the tears in my eyes were not the tears of pride alone but a result of moving and mature interpretation of a classical piece.

Time to Concentrate

Time to Concentrate

Russian Literary and Drama Studio’s concert came third and was definitely a charm.  I  always had the weak spot in my heart for these performances (how else would you justify a weekly peak hour travel on I-95 which turns into  daily before the show. and yes, thank you, dad, for helping out).

The concerts feature Russian poetry recital and drama pieces by students (performed in Russian) that are intended to support the studio’s literary curriculum. This year Den played Professor Stravinsky in an excerpt from Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita.

In the Character

In the Character



The concerts are so good that I personally attended even those where my child did not perform and that tells A LOT!

(We all still rave about studio’s premiere of Pushkin’s “Lady Into Lassie” two years ago with Den as Grigoriy Muromsky)

Muromskiy and his Lady Into Lassie

Muromskiy and his Lady Into Lassie


Before we knew it, the month was almost over and the time came for  final showcase featuring Vi’s rhythmic gymnastics duckie dance. I am not sure about you, but there was nowhere I would rather be than watching that dance.


Have you enjoyed a good concert lately?

Useful links:

Russian Literary Studio http://www.nrlds.com/

New England Sport Academy  www.nesacademy.com/

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  1. Anna Burdman says:

    Vikulya, it was a very good idea to tell us about your Month of June in such an interesting way. Thanks for sharing. We also enjoyed all the performances.

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