Roadtrip to Hershey from Boston
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
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Apr 22nd, 2018
Out of the many roadtrips we take throughout the year, our recent roadtrip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, from Boston was one of the...
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Apr 1st, 2018
Whether you are an applicant or a parent of a high-schooler, chances are – college application process is something you both may...
Olympics Near You: Visiting Olympic sites in Lake Placid, NY and Montreal, Canada
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Feb 19th, 2018
I love watching the Olympics and celebrating human potential! The Olympics makes for so many great stories.  Here are some of the...
Holiday Winter Traditions in and around Boston.
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Dec 2nd, 2017
We have spent a fun December day in New York City a couple of years ago. I still think that these 3...
Our 2015 Year of Weekend Celebrations in Pictures
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Jul 14th, 2015
I love water spa/retreats and try to visit one every chance I get in our travels.   A combination of water and steam...
Family Visit to Central Park with TV and Movie Tour
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
May 31st, 2015
I love spending time with my family in New York City’s Central Park any time of the year, but summer is our...
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Nov 17th, 2013
We went to New York City for the weekend in early November hoping to catch a last glimpse of the foliage and...