Hot Tubbing for two in the heart of Cambridge, MA

Hot Tubbing for two in the heart of Cambridge, MA

My readers may know my passions for making birthdays special and for all things water.  My personal birthday usually combines the two, but for my Aquarius husband’s birthday in the beginning of February, I try to find other ways to make a splash so to speak (here is my post from his last year’s birthday celebration full of art and culture).  That was until I discovered an Inman Oasis massage and hot tub wellness center in the middle of Inman Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts (about an hour drive from our home in the suburbs).


Hot Tubbing for Two in the heart of Cambridge, MA
A sign in the small alley leading to “Inman Oasis”


There is nothing wrong (and everything right) with getting a professional massage on your birthday (and it is a go-to birthday present in our family), but at Inman Oasis they offer hot tub soaking   in addition to massage therapies.   Guests can go for either one or both soaking and massage.  Needless to say we went for both and what a great idea it proved to be to relax the body (and soul) in hot bubbling waters before a massage.

There are two private hot tub rooms at Inman (one with a traditional wooden Japanese bath and another with a regular fiber glass tub) – that could be reserved ahead.

In the communal hot tub room there is a large wooden bath barrel where you can  drop in for a soak with friends (or by yourself).  It is a first come first serve here, unless you are alao booking a massage.


Hot Tubbing for Two in the heart of Cambridge, MA
Communal soak room

On our visit to celebrate my husband’s birthday we were greeted by an attendant who explained where to leave our coats and shoes and showed us into our private soaking room (we chose the one with a Japanese style wooden barrel.)   We were asked what kind of music we preferred while we soaked (they would even plug your own smart phone music file into the speaker system if that suits you.)

I liked it that we had a choice of keeping our shoes on (unlike in the Korean bath house we have visited in New York where we had no choice but to leave both our shoes and cloths outside of the hot tub room (it was gender-separate bathing, but I prefer to have the clothing optional choice, and not the obligation!)

The atmosphere at Inman Oasis is indeed very easy-going (which promotes relaxation), but … and there is going to be just one tiny but for me…the waiting room of this urban oasis is small and the vibe just becomes a bit too familiar (like “everybody knows your name” familiar).  This, I am judging, is probably a Cambridge “thing” and works well with communal soaking concept.  For a romantic “out of town” couple’s visit, I would prefer a slightly more “exotic” atmosphere.  That is just me being very picky about my spa experiences. So here goes my  4.5 out of 5 RELAXATION factor rating.

Hot Tubbing for two in the heart of Cambridge, MA
Entrance area lacks in space  but not in friendliness.

That said, our private soak was wonderfully relaxing and not lacking in anything.  You are free to disrobe to your comfort level (translation: swimsuits are optional in private soak rooms).  There was a shower inside our room, and towels, robes, bath products, as well as ice water for drinking were all provided.  (Robes and towels are provided for co-ed communal soaks as well, but don’t forget to bring your own swimming suit).



Hot Tubbing for Two in the middle of Cambridge, MA
This is me, all soaked up


After the soak, we headed to our individual massage rooms.  The therapists were truly exceptional.

Private 30-minute soak for two is $40. A 30-minutes soak in communal tub is $12 per person ($10 as an add-on to massage).  Gift certificates and frequent soaker discounts are available.  For details, go to spa’s website.


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