About this Blog

Mar 1st, 2018



Life is a LOT about happy moments, especially those we could share with our friends and family.  I am passionate about CREATING these moments and making the most of our free time.   My other long-time passion is writing.   I studied journalism and communications for my first career and I have been yearning to find an outlet for my writing again – after years of being preoccupied  with my second (and third) career and raising a family.  So one day (four years ago) I started this website to share my weekend ideas and inspire others to CELEBRATE every weekend and beyond!

Reporting from the World Gymnastics Championships,  A “Day With the Arts” Trip to Berkshires for 30 friends and family to celebrate my mom’s big birthday, 3-generation trip across Spain,  road trips, camping trips (Sculpture workshop thrown in between) – have all been wonderful ways to celebrate the weekend and I hope I have inspired you to follow along!

This project would not be possible without my husband Vit  who has been supporting  (and often contributing to!) my weekend ideas  all these years (he is also the author of most of the photos on the blog).   And of course our two kids 18-year old Den and 8-year old Vi have no choice but joining in all the fun (my son is also a blog contributor!)

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and words of encouragement: what you like, what you want to read more about.  Together we can create ideas and inspirations and make our free time that much more fulfilling!

So, what you waiting for? Let’s celebrate the weekend!

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