I am Victoria, the writer and weekend planner behind Celebrate the Weekend Blog where my goal is to inspire you to celebrate every weekend and build happy family memories!  Whether it is near our home in New England or on the other side of the Atlantic, we invite you to follow us along on our weekend and vacation explores!   It is not my goal to tell you everything about the history (or architectural styles) of the destination (there are plenty of other sources for that!) – but my site will help you plan the best itinerary for you and your family!

We are a busy family of two full time working professionals with a daughter in high school and a young adult son who often joins us on our adventures.  We enjoy experiencing new places together as a family and (occasionally) as a couple. We focus on culture and relaxation, and are constantly looking for activities that appeal to multi-age groups.

Circling Iceland’s Ring Road,  spending A “Day  in the Berkshires” with 30 friends and family to celebrate my mom’s big birthday, 3-generation trip across SpainEuropean road trips, Cape Cod camping trips – have all been wonderful ways to maximize time together and celebrate the weekend!

Our son has written the Teen Perspective series on the blog, and still frequently joins us on our trips!  And if you don’t see my husband Vit too often in our photos- it’s because he is working hard on taking them!

To contact us email victoria@celebratetheweekend.com

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