celebratetheweekend continues to share adult learning ideas so you could turn this New Year into your best year for learning


Three full weeks of the New Year have passed and if traffic in my office gym is any indication, many are capitalizing on the “New Year Resolution” momentum to upgrade their exercise routines, and, possibly, diets. Speaking of diets, specifically because of the hardships of my new sugar and bread deprivation diet, I continue to insist that Learning Something New is one of the easiest New Year resolutions to keep. ( Here is my first post on adult learning ideas).  I know that a couple of friends are signing up for photography classes. As for me, I was able to attend two new classes this year and hope that there is plenty more in store for me and you.

Blogging for All

celebratetheweekend continues to share adult learning ideas so you could turn this New Year into your best year for learning


Although it has been a year since I have started this blog (celebration alert!) there is always room for learning.  And- as I have discovered yet again- there is truly a class for everything. This one (Learning to Blog) happened to be practically in my back yard so I was able to “escape” quietly into the night. The class was taught by blogger and social media personality Annie Stow (http://stowedstuff.com). The students, new and experienced bloggers alike, shared the experiences, “road mapped” solutions to our problems, and, most importantly, have joined each other’s resource community as we continue in the field. And that is what most adult classes are for. Except, of course, those that are fueled by the power of…

Om seeking…for One

I met Kathleen Anderson (Kathleen@yogawithkathleen.com) at a yoga class she was teaching at my company’s gym and immediately connected with her gentle yet precise style and constant focus on body alignment. For the first time -and I have taken many yoga classes over the years -, it felt like I was capable of one day reaching an “om” moment.  Kathy has an extensive background in dance and dance therapy which is the source of her “fluid” yoga style that attracted me. So as the calendar turned New Year, I approached Kathleen about private classes.

By eliminating major distractions (in the form of other students, that is) I was able to truly turn the focus IN and…BREATH.  Besides helping me achieve a “perfect” pose, the class was a big step in my quest for balance and inner peace. Think of it as hitting two New Year resolutions in one class.   I feel that everybody should try a private yoga class at least once to truly give yoga a chance.

Now, I wish it was that easy to find a teen parenting class… Leads, anyone?



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