Enjoying afternoon tea at Taj Boston to celebrate International Women's Day

High Tea at Taj Boston.

You may know by now, that my goal is  to inspire you to celebrate every weekend (and beyond).  So there was no way we could have missed an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day (also known as simply “March 8” in some Eastern European countries).  Historically, Women’s  Day first appeared in the early 20th century in the US to honor the fight for Women’s Rights and Equality, and in my old country the day was marked by a celebration of all dear women in our lives and by general anticipation of spring and new beginnings (not to mention the home cooked meals prepared by men for a change).

So to carry the tradition (and also because it does not feel half bad) there were flowers (from hubby and Dad) and man-baked  cakes in my house this morning.



To celebrate “us, girls”, my girlfriend and I took our young daughters to an elegant afternoon tea at the French Room in the Taj Hotel in Boston.  The ambience was beautiful, tea leafs properly loose and brewed, petite sandwiches and pastries were delicious (well, may be just too “petite”), and live guitar music (in the background) was a great accompaniment to the special afternoon.

Enjoying afternoon tea at Taj Boston

After enjoying their mini sandwiches and cookies, the girls (quietly) played with their dolls by the window nook while we enjoyed our second cups (everyone gets a pot so there is plenty of tea).  The price (per person, $42 for full tea, $34 for just tea & pastries, $18 for kids’ platter) will not allow you to indulge too often (and is probably too high for the amount of food), but everyone in our group loved the celebration.


Taj location is perfect for an enjoyable stroll through the Boston Common Park after the Tea , especially on a sunny day like today.

There were more flowers (for grandma!) and (definitely more!) food at the grandparents’ house where we concluded the celebration.  Let it be spring!


To reserve your weekend tea seating (1pm or 3pm),  call Taj  directly 617.598.5255 (note that open table may shows no availability when one exist). For more information, go to http://www.tajhotels.com/luxury/city-hotels/taj-boston-boston/fine-dining/afternoon-tea-restaurant.html


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