Mornings with the Arts.
Children’s Studio Art Class at MFA.

Take a weekend art class with your child.I am definitely not a morning person.  I can’t even pronounce “GOOD MORNING!” and still feel true to myself.  Yet, a 10 am Sunday morning class with my four-year old daughter at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston was a great thing to wake up to – for eight Sundays in a row!

The celebration actually begins the moment you see the Museum’s entrance from the car, and it does not hurt that the building itself has been recognized for architectural excellence by The Royal Institute of British Architects.  By the time you walk through the Arts of Europe to the Studios’ wing –the awakening is well under way!

To get the kids inspired for that class’ creations,  instructor starts each class in a different museum  gallery.  Antique boat models, bird drawings, art nouveau – kids are learning to SEE.  The new visions are then realized in different art forms – using Museum-provided everyday little “treasure” objects,  as well as pastels, clay, and watercolor.  And we, parents, get to watch our kids create– and even get to create with them (yes, you can see my tiny clayed dish proudly displayed-along with Vivi’s-by my kitchen window).

By the end of the class, I am fully awakened – yet it is the perfect time for a second cup. So Vivi and I (with a pair of mother-daughter girlfriends in tow!) find our way to the café- through the European wing and new Arab Women Photographers Exhibit.



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  1. Hello, Vic,

    I am so happy you are going to MFA classes with Vivi. Inna spent a good few years there taking different classes. Last tine it was in Spring of 2012, for adults of course.
    In my case it was easier: Yuriy used to take her.


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