We  spent several days with our friends skiing at the Sunday River resort in Maine over Christmas holiday break last year. I have put together these tips to help you have a great time during your own ski getaway.


1. Take as many FAMILY members as you can afford with you – AND- see if you can find another family of good old FRIENDS that like you enough to join you on this several days “close quarters” test of friendship ADVENTURE (hence, “tried and true” friends may work out better). Sharing a rental with a couple of families allows you to afford a nicer rental. Which brings me to a second point.

2. Get a place with a swimming pool access if you can. Open air year-round pools are awesome this time of year, and who does not love soaking those freshly exercised old muscles in a hot tub.

3. It does not matter if you are a good skier or a permanent novice like myself (by choice!), but personally I think that it is best if you get through the trip without those nasty ski falls.  There are a couple of tricks to that- staying on “green” mountains would be one, but it may not work for all of your family members. Besides being safer, “beginner” ticket also helps to keep the lift budget in control – and those are no joke! Sleeping in and skiing only half a day also helps to lower the cost (and no, I don’t recommend NOT skiing at all. It IS an awesome fresh air FUN for the entire family).

Even hard to please teens enjoy a healthy fun of skiing
Even hard to please teens enjoy a healthy fun of skiing

4. Try to LEARN something new- after all, the year is almost over and it might have been your last New Year’s resolution still unfulfilled. And if YOU can’t learn a new trick – have someone in your family learn something. (It is pretty much guaranteed with a five year old second time skier).

5. Plan a FESTIVE meal back at your rental place. Poultry choices are easy and can feed a bunch. Have everyone in your party take part in dinner preparation (kids can help set up the table) and you won’t even notice the effort.

6. Don’t forget to pack your entertainment tools- a guitar (and at least one guitar player!), board games, and lots of good movies to suit all sorts of tastes (we employed both a “vote” and a “15 minute” rule in choosing a viewing program of the night).

7. Go during Christmas holidays – to have enjoyed all of the above and still have a weekend ahead of you after your ski getaway (another bonus is no crowds  and lots of specials in lodging and ski packages).



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