Boston Winter Traditions

Smiles after Falls. Olympic Celebrations, multi-screen, multi-age style.

Olympics have always been celebrated in my family, ever since I could remember.   My first Olympics memory was the Moscow Games of 1980.  We went to another family’s apartment to watch the opening and closing ceremonies – they had one of the first color TVs in town.   These days, color screens abound, I still like to get together with family and friends to celebrate the Olympics, and not just for the opening ceremonies.

To me the celebration lasts the entire Games- all of 2 or 3 weeks of it, as I live and breathe the scores, the medal count, the stories behind the winners.  I am rooting for everyone who dreamed big and made it to the Olympics, but I have a special allegiance to Russia, Moldova, Israel and the US- not necessarily in that order.  During last night’s dinner discussion, it was revealed that Den was rooting for “everyone”, and Vit- for the US and Moldova.  Vi did not know what “rooting” meant. On the other hand, Vi is my pal to watch the figure skating- my favorite winter sport.  With the added team event, it is going to be 10 days and nights of it!

Last month Vi and I cheered the US ladies in person at the US figure skating championships. (We are also rooting for two Russian teenage stars who recently triumphed at the European championships).   And Vi now has her own special connection to ths sport as she started her  skating lessons at the Skating Club of Boston.  She is a bit behind the star ladies in technique, but could give them a run for their money in her smiles, even after the falls!


Build your family Olympic traditions by watching together and celebrating the sport and multicultrualism

I am also looking forward to an opportunity to spend time with my teenager, I am pulling him from school night after night, as we will sit down to watch the DVR-recorded NBC primetime coverage.  He is interested in freestyle and luge, and I can’t wait for the stories and sacrifices behind the wins.  These days, despite the NBC monopoly, there are still viewing options.  NBC offers live streaming on line and I also plan to view both live and recorded broadcasts from Russian online television- to get the broadest possible coverage of the competing athletes and sports.

Happy and safe Olympics, everybody, and we will see you after the Games!


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