A VERY SPECIAl 5TH! (Five top tips for making your kid’s birthday into a real celebration.)

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Jun 11th, 2014

Our beautiful, smart, affectionate, precocious and vivacious Viva – turned FIVE today!

It has been a one fine day and ain’t over yet! We celebrated at home, at her preschool, at the ice-cream café and a candy store. We painted a princess doll in the crafts club and took the rides at the new Lego Discovery Center Boston. We played on the swing set her Dad has built for her in the backyard and rode a scooter – a birthday gift from her grandparents.

At the crafts store

At the crafts store

Swinging in the air

Celebrating with friends at Little Sprouts Academy preschool

Celebrating with friends at Little Sprouts Academy preschool

At the Lego playground

At the Lego Discovery Center Boston


Playing with her brother at the Lego Discovery Center Boston


On her very own and very new play set, built by Dad

On her very own and very new play set, built by Dad

Birthdays have always been special in my family, and I grew up to think of them as these slightly “exuberant” celebrations of self – with the loved ones. This is a day to selfishly treat, enjoy and share the fun (and lots of it)- just because we ARE! I am still pretty obsessed about my own birthday, but after the birth of my kids, it’s their birthdays that truly take the center stage in the family celebrations calendar.

So here are the (kid) birthday celebration tips – from a self-proclaimed birthday fanatic:

1. A GIFT OF TIME: First and foremost, take a day (or at least half a day) OFF work to spend time with them. It is not really about the gifts for me, but about sharing joyful experiences together.

2. START RIGHT: Everything about the day has to be Special. In our house, we have a tradition of starting the celebration with breakfast in bed. It could be as simple as bagels: the idea is to make the day memorable/different and SHARE the moment with those you love.

3. CARRY ON: with the festive mood throughout the day. Plan the activities your child loves but may not get to enjoy every day (for whatever reason: money, location, or simply, lack of time). Possibilities in our end of the world (and especially in the summer) are endless: amusement parks, arts and crafts shops, circus and theater shows, zoos, fine arts, nature and science museums, pick your own crop at the farms, lake and ocean beaches, hikes, picnics, boating…. It is a special bonus if you could find an activity that could be enjoyed by the entire family- siblings and parents alike. In our case (10 year age difference between the kids) it is not always easy but doable (I was hoping Dennis still has a soft spot for his lego days and I was right!).

4. SHARE THE JOY: If you can, include extended family and other special people in the celebration. It makes me so happy that my parents have participated in every one of my kids’ birthdays.

5. THE MORE THE MERRIER: There are so many fun things to do and people to include that there is no reason why the celebration should not last a couple of days! There is a gym party for little friends and a special playdate with cousins yet to come for Vivi!

Party Update: Viva and friends at Kidz Planet

Party Update: Viva and friends at Kidz Planet

Birthday fun with cousins

Birthday fun with cousins

Our newest celebration component is a home baked cake (or two!). And while “Meringue Affair-2” is long overdue, this happens to be Vi’s current favorite marble cake.

Marble Cake from Dad's "bakery"

Marble Cake from Dad’s “bakery”

This Barbie cake is made for sharing. The birthday girl also takes home the doll.

This Barbie cake is made for sharing; although the birthday girl takes home the doll.

Now, what are YOUR family’s favorite birthday traditions?

10 Comments to “A VERY SPECIAl 5TH! (Five top tips for making your kid’s birthday into a real celebration.)”

  1. Bella says:

    Pictures are great!

  2. Yana says:

    Happy Birthday, Vivi!

    Nice post, great pictures!
    I especially liked the breakfast in bed 🙂 I would like to borrow this birthday tradition!

    • Victoria Burdman says:

      Thanks, Yana! I love breakfast in bed! We do it for all “personal” holidays. You do need a good tray with high edges to spill proof:) we cherish ours:)

  3. Donna K says:

    Love seeing your family, Victoria, and hearing about all your creative ideas to celebrate!

  4. Anna Burdman says:

    I like your ideas and thoughts about the birthdays in general and the birthday traditions in your family. Of course, I remember (so far thanks G-d) all of them. I think the kids will appreciate your efforts in the future even more. I can confirm that all the birthdays you organized made your kids really happy! Just a little upset that i didnt make it into the pictures:)

  5. Yulia says:

    Happy B-day to Viva!
    Great post, thanks for the ideas:)

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