Our favorite things to do on a long weekend escape to Montreal- with or without kids
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Oct 28th, 2017
Montreal is the most “European” North American city and a favorite destination within a driving distance for those of us in New...
Montreal Gymnastics Worlds 2017: The Afterword
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Oct 16th, 2017
In the story My Montreal Gymnastics Worlds in 10 pictures I promised to put together my first-hand collection of facts, opinions, hopes, photos...
Olympics Near You: Visiting Olympic sites in Lake Placid, NY and Montreal, Canada
By Victoria@celebratetheweekend
Oct 14th, 2017
I was accredited to cover Montreal Gymnastics Worlds 2017 for Russian sports daily sovetski sport (read my full Worlds coverage here in Russian). ...